College Students’ Readiness to Change in Physical Inactivity Behavior using Perfection Quotient Behavioral Model 

Manoj Sharma, Meena Sehgal, Ram Lakhan, Vinayak Nahar, Amanda Wilkerson, Micajah Daniels, Amar Kanekar, M. Allison Ford

Food Insecurity, Challenges, and Strategies among New Mexicans Experiencing Job Disruptions during COVID-19: A Cross-sectional Study

Stephanie Rogus, PhD, RDN, Kathryn E Coakley, PhD, RDN, Diana Gonzales-Pacheco, DCN, RD, Shadai Martin, PhD, RDN

Content Analysis of Social Media Posts about the Bayanihan e-Konsulta Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case in the Philippines

April Joy M. Gascon, RN, MAN, Jem Patrice Alfonso, Alyanna Joy Almonte, Alyssa Kyla Amor, Edwin Francis Atabay, Lilian Kyla Bahulay, Christian Jake Baldonado, Francine Dominique Baldueza1, Juvy Lhyne Banaria

Should sex education in the Philippines remain taboo?

Kristel Yamat, Jian Karlos Hernandez, Kent Matthew Salas, Katrina Bianca Soliman, and Rod Charlie Delos Reyes