Manuscript Guidelines per Article Type

Original Research Articles

Original research articles are detailed studies classified as primary literature reporting new work. Generally, original articles include Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results/Findings, Discussion, and Conclusion sections. The length of the text is up to 7,000 words excluding tables and figures; overall, original articles may take up to 8 tables  and figures; references are within 50.

Review Articles

As secondary literature, review articles (systematic, narrative synthesis, meta-analysis, and integrative review) afford critical and constructive analysis of a published scholarly work, and warrants recommendations for future research through identification of blind and blank spots in research. Review articles may use up to 10,000 words including references.

Policy Papers

A policy paper capitalizes on in-depth analysis of large and/or complex data to investigate an issue and provide clear policy recommendations. This may entail up to 1,000 words.

Accepted File Formats

Authors are encouraged to prepare manuscripts using single Microsoft Word file. For ease of reading and commenting by the Editorial board and its reviewers, pages should be line-numbered, and texts should be in Times New Roman 12 point with 1.5 spacing.

Supplementary files which include, but not limited to figures, tables, video, and spreadsheets, among others, must be labeled accordingly (Figure 1: title, Table 1: title), and may be in any common, non-proprietary format such as: TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF.

Cover Letter

Each submission must include a cover letter explaining why and how the paper is significant within the aims and scope of the journal. Statements indicating an agreement to submission by all authors and confirming that the manuscript, and/or any part of it are not under consideration or have been published in another journal. Additionally, any prior submissions of the manuscript to other journals must be reported. Accordingly, the previous manuscript ID, and reviewer comments must be disclosed.